My Brother, My Brother
and Me

web design/development, wordpress

The Challenge

This website design is a Wordpress child theme, based off of its parent theme Zerif Lite. I wanted to design three pages: the landing page, a single post/episode page, and the contact page. The subject of my website is a popular podcast series called My Brother, My Brother and Me, who at this time, has no official website of its own. The My Brother, My Brother and Me logo is property of the McElroy brothers, as well as the images used on my student project.

The Solution

The wireframe was done entirely in Photoshop. I used the Zerif Lite grid and responsiveness when building, which made the design and coding process fairly easy. In regard to the colour scheme, I used a lively blue and pink. When used together, they create a loud atmosphere — this fit well with the podcast’s own theme.

The Result

A live demo of the Wordpress website can be viewed using the link above!

Designed by Julie Tétreault